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Scott Kramer

Manager,Sound Technology,Netflix

“For me, working with Jo and his team is the obvious choice. The quality of what they produce is world class - both in terms of performance and recording quality. There’s a richness and depth to their foley that is hard to find. It’s better foley than is often found at major Hollywood studios. Jo is also extremely easy to work with. I value the relationship so much that I fight to get him on my projects, and make sure he is always taken care of by the film. The question isn’t why do I work with his team, it’s why would I not?"

Ruy Garcia

Sound Designer/Re-recording mixer,NEW YORK

"Jo is the person to call when you need Foley. His incredible sensitivity, creativity and attention to detail will bring your project to life.”


Michel Marchant

Sound designer and Founder at Bonson Sound,MONTREAL

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Jo, he is not only a veteran sound recordist, but a truly passionate person. I had the pleasure of working with Jo for more than 10 years on several projects from AAA games titles to sound effects libraries content creation, and always he has delivered top notch work. I was always in awe of Jo's abilities to come with suggestions for things we could record in a different way or try new techniques to improve our already great sounding recordings. For all this, Jo earns my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a top notch sound recordist and a close collaborator."

Walt Bost

Sound Supervisor, LOS ANGELES

"I love working with Jo and his team! Their foley has always been on point and very detailed, and I've gotten nothing but positive feedback from my FX mixers and the clients with whom I've worked. I am located in Los Angeles but distance has never been a problem - Jo gets it done when I need it done and I never have to worry."

Christiant Rivest

Sound Supervisor,re-recording mixer, MONTREAL.

The foley studio with the best sound and the wider experience in town. Quality, creativity, and efficiency.

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